Collaborative development business

On the basis of our experience ranging from fundamental research to clinical development,
we are expanding collaborative development projects with other institutes and companies.

Collaborative research and development

Our collaborative research and development projects are as follows:

DR-based collaborative pharmaceutical research and development

Drug repositioning (DR) is a drug discovery strategy to discover new pharmacological effects of approved drugs for indication expansion. Our own library of approved medicines stores only drugs commercially available in Japan (approved drugs). Using this library, we promote DR collaborative research and development to discover approved drugs with the pharmacological effects that you are interested in and to confirm the effects clinically.

Collaborative research and development of DDS products

As a pioneer of drug delivery system (DDS) research, we have led growth in this area. Our DDS product, lipo-PGE1 achieved a sales peak of over 50 billion yen, and now we have various DDS technologies and promote development of new technologies. In our collaborative research and development, we develop DDS drugs to enhance the efficacy and safety of your candidate drug.

Collaborative research and development for additional indications of our products

Our PC-SOD currently under development is the only SOD product that can be administered to humans. PC-SOD products are expected to be effective for various diseases because it can remove the active oxygen species that cause many types of diseases. Meanwhile, we are working actively toward additional indications of our products such as lipo-PGE1.


Please see here for information about for licensing of our pipelines to other companies or our support for delivery of your candidate drugs to patients.


<From LTT to other companies>LTT has a goal to license out our pipelines under development to other companies as early as possible. Some of them have already proceeded to phase II clinical trials, showing the POC.


<From other institutes to LTT>As a pioneer in drug discovery-related bio-ventures in Japan, we have successful experience and know-how in many pharmaceutical developments. Our experienced employees, specialists for nonclinical trials, clinical trials, drug manufacturing, or IP management can help you deliver your candidate drugs to patients.

Chinese business

We support your medical business in China in cooperation with Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical.

Collaborative medical business in China

Since its establishment by our company and a Chinese government-related hospital 20 years ago, Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical has become one of the top 20 profitable pharmaceutical companies in China. The company has been noted for excellent sales performance by more than 1,300 MRs and sales networks throughout the country, and its outstanding developmental ability has brought about successful launching of many pharmaceuticals in China. Recently, it has been expanding its business into the various fields of medical devices and health food products. Taking advantages of these strengths, we can help you expand your medical business, including pharmaceutical development and sales in China, or license out to Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical in cooperation with Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical.

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