Development system

Our core technologies, drug delivery system (DDS), and drug repositioning (DR) can lead to the successful development of pharmaceutical drugs at a reduced cost more securely than usual drug discovery. We have not only successfully launched multiple pharmaceutical products but have as many as 13 drugs under development, some of which have been examined in clinical studies. We have an institute in Shonan Health Innovation Park (Shonan i-park) led by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. In addition, we have collaborative research projects with various universities and companies. To be more precise, we provide the library of approved drugs established by own to the partners for free to help detect additional indications for these approved drugs using our DR know-how and to enhance the dynamics of pharmaceutical products developed by other companies by encapsulating them in our DDS carrier.
Drug discovery in cooperation with Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical is one of our advantages. We have licensed our pipelines to this company. We will make the most of our advantages to conduct clinical trials jointly based on a collaborative development model in which LLT-Bio Pharma will mainly discover pharmaceutical agents and promote intellectual property activities and Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical will establish the manufacturing methods.
As we have no factories and sales department, we aim to outsource manufacturing and marketing to external organizations and license our pipelines as soon as possible. As mentioned above, our business model is effective development of innovative pharmaceutical products with reduced staff and expenses in collaboration with various organizations.