Overview and Vision

Since the foundation of the LTT Bio-Pharma predecessor, LTT Research Institute, as a bio-venture of St. Marianna University School of Medicine, we have developed new drugs for almost 30 years. Our management philosophy is the application of state-of-the-art science and technology to medicines to improve the health and lives of people all over the world.
Dr. Yutaka Mizushima, founder and first chair of the Board of Directors, is a pioneer in drug delivery system (DDS) research in Japan. He has led the successful development of a variety of novel drugs, such as Lipo-PGE1 (Palux, Liple). He has served as a professor (first director of the Institute of Medical Science, St. Marianna University School of Medicine), member of the House of Councilors, and parliamentary secretary of the Education, Culture, Sports, Science Technology Ministry. Moreover, he recognized the potential pharmaceutical market of China and founded Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical in collaboration with a Chinese government-based hospital in 1995, which has developed a number of new drugs, including Lipo-PGE1.
Tohru Mizushima, who was appointed the second chair of the Board of Directors in 2008, also served as a professor fora long time (first director of the Institute of Drug Discovery and Development, Kumamoto University). He spread drug repositioning (DR) in our country. Also, he is currently the vice president of Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical and supervises the operation and promotes drug development at the laboratory of the company in China.
As you can see from the history of LTT, we have many different features and properties listed below from other bio-ventures.

  • ① World’s leading core original technology for efficient drug discovery techniques, DDS, and DR
  • ② Human networks spread throughout industry, academia, and government (in particular, academia)
  • ③ Strong ties to Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical, which has grown to become one of China’s leading pharmaceutical companies (among the best 20 in profits)
  • ④ Trust based on continued performance of the company and accumulated drug discovery expertise (experienced employees and executives)
  • ⑤ Driving force in pharmaceutical development based on stable earnings (7th consecutive quarterly profit

In 2016, we started new initiatives and promoted conventional research and development. The first initiative was the expansion of new pipelines through collaborative research with universities and other companies. The second initiative was drug discovery in close collaboration with Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical. The third initiative was the establishment of our own laboratory for acceleration of research. In addition, we started the collaborative development of candidate drugs owned by other companies or academic organizations by licensing them. All these initiatives take advantage of the company’s assets as described above.
These new initiatives are beginning to show results. For example, in March 2018, we concluded a collaborative development agreement with Nobelpharma Co., Ltd., for the joint development program of DR-related pharmaceutical products. We also discovered the new efficacy of an approved drug through a collaborative project with the University of Tokyo, University of Shizuoka, and Musashino University; we then filed a patent application jointly with these universities. We have promoted the drug discovery business with Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical. In addition, we established Shonan Institute in February 2019. We will now promote the above new activities and expand our own pipelines further.
Because of the support from shareholders, related organizations (government, universities, medical institutions and other companies), and many other people (employees), LTT can continue the drug discovery process for the long term. In addition, LTT will continue to make efforts for further development. We expect more support from everyone.

Tohru Mizushima, PhD,
Chair of Board of Directors/President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)