Drug repositioning

Drug repositioning (DR) is a strategy to discover the new pharmacological effects of drugs sufficiently approved in terms of safety and pharmacokinetics in humans and to develop therapeutic agents for other diseases.

Advantages of drug repositioning research

The following are major advantages of DR in pharmaceutical development:

  • Reliability
  • Cost efficiency
  • Efficacy

Characteristics of our DR

We have grown as a leading company in DR since focusing on its importance first in Japan.

Pharmaceutical drug screening with approved drug library

Using our own library targeted for compounds from drugs approved in Japan, we have performed various screenings to advance DR (including drugs for COPD or dry eye).We also offer our library to partners for free and work together for DR promotion. Since 2018, we have provided not only the libraries but also research grants for the expansion of collaborative research with academic organizations.

New drug development using approved drugs as lead compounds

To enhance the pharmacological effect of an approved drug from screening or obtain a substance patent, we have created a new substance by synthesizing derivatives with the approved drug as a lead compound (for example, LT-3001, LT-3002).

Resurgence of drugs discontinued from development through DR

Many pharmaceutical companies have compounds discontinued from clinical development (shelved drugs) because of the lack of a pharmacological effect in spite of confirmation of clinical safety. Successful discovery of a pharmacological effect with DR development of a therapeutic agent for other diseases will bring great advantages to these companies. Our business includes DR of these compounds commissioned by major companies.

Examples of previous cases

  • 1. Development of a therapeutic agent for COPD with the approved-drug library
  • 2. Development of a therapeutic agent for dry eye with the approved-drug library
  • 3. Development of an anti-inflammatory drug with fewer side effects using DR
  • 4. Commissioned project for additional indications from pharmaceutical companies
  • 5. Collaborative research with academic organizations using the approved-drug library

Flow of DR-Based Drug Development

※The drugs to be developed in both processes are administered through the same route

The DR strategy enables rapid, cost-effective, certain development of safe pharmaceutical products.