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We conducted a series of research and development projects ranging from drug discovery based on our own basic research to conducting of clinical trials by ourselves. Throughout our work, we achieved successful development of various pharmaceuticals and accumulated experience and know-how. We also have employees, who was leaders in large pharmaceutical companies and are well-experienced in basic research, non-clinical trials, clinical trials, drug manufacturing, intellectual property management, or licenses.
On the other hand, circumstances surrounding drug discovery-related bio-venture companies have been growing more severe year by year, which causes many bio-venture companies to go bankrupt, and pharmaceuticals to which they dedicated themselves are all going. In addition, public research institutes, such as universities, have many research results that can lead to pharmaceuticals, but they have few opportunities to lead their results to pharmaceuticals due to a lack of funding and know-how. It is quite a big loss for not only bio-ventures or universities, but also Japan and the world to keep these potential research results, which are close to development of pharmaceuticals, buried.
Under these circumstances, we have decided to help other research institutes realize their potential seeds for pharmaceuticals by using the most of our experience and know-how and various specialists. Although our collaborative research and development is based on our succession of at least a part of your intellectual property and pharmaceutical development using our funding and human resources, if necessary, it is possible to introduce partners, such as Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical, to you or you can use consulting service only. Our goal is License out for big pharma, in other words, progress their potential seeds to the stage, where big pharma can understand the value of the seeds.

The fields of our especially interests are as follows:

  • 1. Pharmaceuticals related to our strongest field of DR (drug re-positioning) or DDS (drug delivery system)
  • 2. Pharmaceuticals for which you cannot proceed further development in the absence of our support
  • 3. Pharmaceuticals, such as therapeutic drugs for peripheral arterial occlusive diseases, analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, therapeutic drugs for respiratory diseases or gastrointestinal diseases, which we have experience in development.
  • 4. Pharmaceuticals that can be developed in China in cooperation with Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical.

Please feel free to contact us, even if your case does not fall under any of the above conditions.

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