Medical Business Support in China

We help you develop your pharmaceuticals in China and any necessary support for the development in cooperation with Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical. We will introduce Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical and provide an overview of medical business support in China as follows:

1. About Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical

(1) Corporate history and performance results

Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical was jointly established in 1995 by LTT and China-Japan Friendship Hospital, a Chinese government-related hospital based on a discussion between our founder Yutaka Mizushima who served as a member of Upper House at that time and the Chinese government as a part of medical interchange between Japan and China.
Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical worked on the development of lipo-PGE1 by receiving intellectual property of lipo-PGE1 and its production technology provided by us with help from Taisho Pharmaceutical and a production location provided by the China-Japan Friendship Hospital. Then, we achieved successful launching of lipo-PGE1 in 1998. Subsequently, the company distributed lipo-NSAID, which is also our product, (the technology was introduced from Kaken Pharmaceutical) in 2003, Beraprost Sodium in 2008, flurbiprofen poultice (the technology was introduced from Mikasa Seiyaku) in 2010 and Pronase Granules in 2011.
Funded by the CP Group, a world-class conglomerate (the biggest company in Thailand), Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical built its research institute and plant in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone (30,000 km2) in 2005. Within the recent past, it purchased additional land of 185,000 km2 near the place and a new plant is being built. Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical intends to procure pharmaceuticals and medical devices to be manufactured in this new plant by license-in or technology introduction from other companies.
Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical has achieved sales of over 70 billion yen with profits of close to 20 billion yen, and it has become one of the top 20 profitable pharmaceutical companies of China. The number of employees has increased to more than 2,000 employees it has been rapidly growing in recent years.

(2) Advantages of Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical

1. Sales Capability
Its own 1,300 medical representatives are engaged in the sales of pharmaceutical products directly, not through sales distributors. More than 90% of the medical representatives are specialized in medicine or pharmacies, which enable academic sales. Through its 34 sales offices nationwide, Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical’s sales network covers all provinces, cities, and autonomous regions (more than 3,700 hospitals nationwide).
2. Technology
Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical worked on the development of lipo-PGE1 In 2007, Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical was approved to meet the Japanese GMP standard and received the Accreditation as Foreign Manufacturers of Pharmaceutical Products and Sterile Pharmaceutical Products from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as the first Chinese company. Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical has previously supplied pharmaceutical products to the Japanese market (and now supplies OEM products to major Japanese pharmaceutical companies). Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical is currently operating production lines for injections, tablets, powders, and external patches.
3. Close and Reliable Relationship with Japan
Many employees working in the International Department have studied in Japan. In addition, Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical introduces most of its pharmaceutical products currently launched from Japan, and pays the expenses required for licensing out these products (royalties) to Japanese companies in a proper manner under the contract. Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical has achieved high reliability from Japanese companies that have gained high profits from successful business with it.
4. Strong Relationship with Governmental Organizations and Major Hospitals
Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical has established strong relationships with governmental organizations and major hospitals on the basis of its connection to the China-Japan Friendship Hospital and the universities its employees graduated from. These relationships give the company strong competitive and negotiating advantages for negotiations with C-FDA, bidding competitions, and inclusion of its products in the medical insurance system.
5. Compliance
Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical has the Compliance Department in the Legal Division and complies with all international standards.
6. Bidding
Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical can receive bidding information quickly from each representative in each administrative district. For the participation of companies in bidding, the creditability and product quality of the participants are investigated by the government and hospital specialists. In terms of this point, Beijing Tide demonstrates its strong advantages.

2. LTT’s medical business support in China

(1) Background

There are various problems in terms of history or politics between Japan and China. In addition, Japanese companies have remained a high level of mistrust against Chinese companies. The current situation that these issues inhibit the relationship between Japanese and Chinese companies can be described as miserable at best. This can also be said for the medical business; additionally, a major difference in the medical system between two countries can be a barrier in this field.
The medical market in China has been rapidly growing; meanwhile the Japanese market has remained flat. Especially, the increase in the high-income population has become able to allow Japanese companies to introduce their high-quality medical business into the Chinese market. Business expansion in the Chinese market is promising for Japanese companies. On the other hand, in the medical field, there are still major differences in terms of technology, experience, or social maturity between Japan and China, which indicates that it is very promising for Chinese companies to introduce technology, experience, and systems from Japan.
Considering these circumstances, it is extremely important for Japanese medical companies to expand their business into the Chinese market. We support your business in China in corporation with Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical.

(2) Details of our support

We introduce Japanese medical companies considering business expansion into China to Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical as your business partner. To establish the relationship between you and Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical, we would like to support you until the project is completed. Let me show you a recent successful case where we coordinated the introduction of poultice technology from Mikasa Seiyaku to Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical. The sales of poultices have already exceeded 14.1 billion yen (the drug price in China is higher than that in Japan), and the technology introduction has brought about a big profit for both of them.
Furthermore, we provide investigation and consulting services for Japanese medical companies considering business expansion into China with the help of Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical. Throughout investigations of the Chinese medical system, intellectual property or market environment, and consulting based on them, we think it possible to help Japanese pharmaceutical companies considering business expansion into China.

(3) Our advantages

Based on our actual experience in pharmaceutical development, we can provide practical support and consulting. In addition to our support, you can obtain very valuable support from Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical that has become one of the top companies in China since its establishment by Japanese technologies and product introduction. If you have a request that you would like to introduce your products and technologies into China, we can accomplish the following:

  • -Evaluate your products and technologies based on scientific knowledge (pharmacology, biochemistry, intellectual property, production, clinical use) to appeal them to Chinese companies.
  • -Provide you with advice from those in charge of actual development in Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical.
  • -Provide you with opportunity to realize collaborative business or support based on Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical’s (and CP Group’s) network with government-related organizations or medical institutes.

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