LTT Behavior Standards

LTT will regard strict compliance as an important responsibility in business management, maintain high ethical values, comply with laws, and conduct faithful and fair corporate activities.

1. Social responsibility
We will strongly recognize our corporate social responsibility and conduct faithful and fair corporate activities with high ethical values.
2. Compliance with laws
We will conduct reliable business activities based on compliance with all laws and rules; fair, transparent business dealings; and respect for social ethics and the spirit of the laws.
3. Information disclosure
We will continue to disclose information positively and fairly.
4. Respect of human rights
We will respect the diversity, personality, and individuality of employees and renounce any discrimination.
5. Environmental preservation
For global environmental preservation, we will take an active part in the effective use of resources and reduction of environmental loads.
6. Information protection
We will manage and protect customer information and our own information in an appropriate way.
7. Handling of antisocial forces
We will have no relationship with any antisocial forces and handle them with a firm attitude.
8. Responsibilities of management executives
Our management executives will make any effort to maintain the disciplinary rules of the workplace appropriately and create an active working environment as well as take the initiative based on these standards, manage and instruct employees appropriately, and conduct operations smoothly.

Basic ideas and the status of development for the internal control system

1. System to ensure that performances of duties by directors and employees comply with laws and articles of incorporation
  • We will establish compliance standards and educate and instruct directors and employees to conduct business operations based on ideas of compliance from each position.
  • For research and development of new drugs and treatment technologies, we will establish an ethics committee consisting of at least five members, including external members, to conduct reviews and evaluations in terms of safety management and ethical points of view.
  • We will develop an internal control system and prepare a report system that ensures the protection of a reporter to detect compliance violations as early as possible and correct them.
2. System for storing and managing information about performance of duties by directors
  • We will record, store, and manage information about the performance of duties by directors as documents appropriately based on laws and internal regulations.
3. Regulations and other systems for managing the risk of loss
  • Risk management is conducted in accordance with internal regulations. Auditors make a regular audit of the status of risk management in each department and report the result to management executives.
  • In case of emergency situations, we make it a rule that the emergency response headquarters headed by the representative director should integrate the entire company and conduct risk management in accordance with regulations for business crisis management.
4. Basic idea and the status of development for exclusion of antisocial forces
  • We have no relationship with any antisocial forces.
    If we are given unfair requirements by any antisocial forces, we report information to institutions immediately and appropriately and handle systematic incorporation with external institutes including lawyers.
  • We belong to the special violence protection committee and collect related information from police stations in the jurisdiction and shareholder registry administrator to prepare for unexpected situations and grasp the current situation.
5. System to ensure that performance of duties by directors is performed effectively
  • We hold a regular board meeting once every month and additional meetings as needed to make a decision on important items and report research and development or business operations. We have a business management meeting once a week for directors and the heads of departments to immediately execute the items determined in a board meeting and improve management efficacy.
  • To conduct research and development smoothly, accurately, and effectively, we have a research and development meeting at least once a month for related directors and those of the related departments and have a discussion for performance of research and development.
6. System concerning employees when assignment is required by auditors for the purpose of supporting audit duties.
  • When an auditor requires employees to support an audit, the board of directors assigns employees under consultation with auditors.
7. System for reporting from directors or employees to auditors and system and system for other reporting to auditors
  • Directors and employees report the status of business performance to auditors regularly. Furthermore, when they detect any problems that may have a significant effect on our business management, serious violations of laws and the articles of incorporation, or other important items, directors and employees immediately report them to auditors.
  • Auditors can request reporting and materials from directors and employees as needed concerning items necessary to execute their duties.
8. System to ensure that the audit is performed effectively by auditors
  • Auditors receive explanations about accounting audits from our accounting auditor or exchange information in cooperation with each other to execute the duties.