Message from LTT Bio-Pharma

In the drug development activities of this fiscal year, while focusing on the search for new projects, we have started of the phase II clinical trial for a therapeutic agent for dry eye. As a result, a large amount of new pipelines were successfully created. In the phase II clinical trial of the therapeutic agent for dry eye, administrations to patients started in May of this year. Regarding the R&D system, we were able to establish a research division in the in the Institute of Medical Science of St. Marianna University School of Medicine as a new R&D base, in which research started from April of this year.
Additionally, we considered the importance of licensing activities for the pipelines we hold, and then reviewed the system and made changes to allow for the new use of external consultants, which resulted in noticeable improvement.
Moreover, we worked on strengthening our relationship with our important partner, Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and further deepened it in noticeable ways such as the extension of the comprehensive support contract. We believe that our support connects to their profits and this consequently leads to our profits.
Regarding the financial result of this fiscal year, we were able to post a 264 million yen current net profit.
The stable dividend income sufficiently covers business expenses and it contributes to the enhancement of our financial structure for which it is difficult to raise outside funds. We recognize returning profits to shareholders as one of our important business challenges, as well as continuously making efforts to promote drug development activities. We do hope you will continue to give us guidance and support in the future.

Sep. 2016
Tohru Mizushima, Ph. D.,
Chairman of Director・Chief Technology Officer
Akio Otsuka, President